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Here are the 3 easiest ways to collect passive income:

1. Open a HYSA. A high-yield savings account allows you to gain interest each month! Many checking accounts only offer 0.01% APY, meaning you only get $0.01 per $100 you deposit per year! Instead, you can leave your money in a HYSA and get 3-5%, meaning you get $3-5 instead! Whoa!

2. Collect dividends. After you open your brokerage account, you can start buying long-term assets. I personally like S&P500 and DOW30 funds since they are typically the safer and responsible way to go. Make sure to check the ex-dividend date and payout date to see when you need to own the shares and when you’ll get paid.

3. Sell covered calls. Once you compound your portfolio to a certain size, you are now able to sell covered calls since you already own the assets anyway. This is a nice way to get a “second dividend” and a strategy that even Warren Buffett uses!

Don’t get discouraged that you only get $50-200 per month. As long as you get started and keep watering your plant, your acorn will eventually turn into an oak tree.

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