willy-510-689-6663 http://voipartyxteam.com Voiparty the newest and maybe hottest MLM in history. Why? well there are no monthly purchases and we really don’t sell anything. Voiparty is unique in what we do that we have no competition. Voiparty was founded in 2005 but will do its national launch in 2010. Voiparty’s concept is simple. Become the cheapest way to route calls and collect inter exchange connection fees. No not long distance fees. The actual fee to connect the calls. Voiparty’s compensation is staggering considering all you do is invest a one time amount of $200 and $29 per year to maintain your agents spot in the network. Voiparty often refers to us as owners of their network as their interface network box allows us to route calls in our local area and collect the interconnection fees. Voiparty is a solid opportunity with no real on going costs and no requirements. Bring in one other person and you can participate 4 levels deep without ever buying any product.

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