As much as I hate the word “content” (since it is so generic), it is true that social media is a place for sharing information and debating topics.

You may find it difficult to think of enough material to quote or discuss, but with these books you will have plenty to choose from. The following are the books I’ve enjoyed most in recent weeks and months.

1. The American Mind is Canceled: Cancel Culture Undermines Trust and Threatens Us All―But There Is a Solution

AmazonThe Canceling of the American Mind: Cancel Culture Undermines Trust and Threatens Us All―But There Is a Solution

If X, formerly Twitter, is well-known for something it would be cancel culture. We know how it works — someone says or does something stupid, and then everyone pounces. In this book, the author argues we often get our facts incorrect and rarely have a healthy, productive dialog.

2. Making it So: A Memoir

AmazonMaking it So: A Memoir

Patrick Stewart, one of my favourite actors, has written a remarkable autobiography. He is at turns open and honest about his failures, celebratory about his remarkable successes, and charmingly home-spun when it comes to what it’s like to be Captain Picard.

3. “Determined”: A science of life without free will

Amazon“Determined”: A science of life without free will

One more highly quoted book proves that we are all without free will. As if that isn’t controversial enough, the author goes on to explain that we can actually get along even with this knowledge — that we are primarily products of science and emotion.

4. Revolutionary spring: Europe Ablaze and the Fight for a New World in 1848-1849

AmazonRevolutionary spring: Europe ablaze and the fight for a new world, 1848-1849

The book will be extensive and comprehensive if it has a lot of maps. Revolutionary SpringThis book is great for quoting because it captures the history of 1848-1849, a period of revolution and discord.

5. Germany in Crisis: Hitler’s Putsch and Hyperinflation in 1923

AmazonGermany in Crisis: Hitler’s Putsch and Hyperinflation in 1923

This book focuses on one particular epoch in history. Germany 1923The economics behind invasion is the subject of this article. This account begins with a detailed explanation of how inflation caused unrest as well as the rise and influence of Adolf Hitler, a charismatic and evil figure.

6. Roman Empire: The Roman Emperor and his rule

AmazonRoman Empire: The Roman Emperor and his rule

Emperor of RomeIt would be boring to recount the Roman Emperors’ lives one-by-one. This book does something almost impossible. With wit and humor, the author explains the reason why emperors were even created and the structure of the empire.

7. The Burning of the World, The Great Chicago Fire & the War for the City’s Soul

AmazonThe Burning of the World – The Great Chicago Fire and the Battle for the Soul of a City

Most non-fiction works are quotable, mainly because they provide a rich explanation of the topic. This account of the Great Chicago Fire includes details that most people have never known before.

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