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Now you too can enjoy the benefits of a passive income… be able to rank sites in any niche… and never fear another Google update that destroys all your hard work. That feeling of frustration when your sites drop down the rankings will never happen again.

Whether you want to save up for a house, make sure you’re still pulling in cash long after you’ve retired or just have the money to whisk your girlfriend off to Paris on a whim, this letter could be what finally makes it all possible.

Sceptical? I understand. But let me assure you this is not some ‘magic button’ or insta-cash solution. It’s simply the 9 steps I use to rank all of my sites, and build the solid SEO foundation that KEEPS them ranked. Usually, I’ll only reveal this process to my consulting clients, but for a VERY LIMITED TIME, I’m making them available to you.In a minute, I’ll show you the results I’ve achieved, but first, please let me introduce myself:

My name is Colin Klinkert, and like you, I drive traffic using SEO.

And I know how it is to live in fear of Google…
I remember the pattern it used to take. I’d build a site, rank it, and yeah, I’d make some money for a couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks.
And then? Bam. My rankings were gone. Some switch flipped in Google and I was back to square one.I tried looking up other SEO experts, but if they weren’t trying to sell some ‘Get To Number 1 In 3 Minutes By Magic’ report, they were telling me to spend every day building fake forum profiles and spamming blogs. Even if it worked – which it didn’t – it wasn’t how I wanted to be spending my time.

Sometimes I felt like giving up.

But giving up just wasn’t me.

Since you’re reading this, I reckon you can relate.
Now, I’m not going to tell you a silly story about how I came by my 9-step process. It was work, plain and simple. Long hours spent testing every SEO strategy I could think of.

But it was worth it.

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