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American YouTuber and live streamer (1990–2019) .mw-parser-output .hatnote{font-style:italic}.mw-parser-output div.hatnote{padding-left:1.6em;margin-bottom:0.5em}.mw-parser-output .hatnote i{font-style:normal}.mw-parser-output .hatnote+link+.hatnote{margin-top:-0.5em}For the South African cricketer, see Desmond Daniel. .mw-parser-output .infobox-subbox{padding:0;border:none;margin:-3px;width:auto;min-width:100%;font-size:100%;clear:none;float:none;background-color:transparent}.mw-parser-output .infobox-3cols-child{margin:auto}.mw-parser-output .infobox .navbar{font-size:100%} .mw-parser-output .infobox-header, .mw-parser-output .infobox-subheader, .mw-parser-output .infobox-above, .mw-parser-output .infobox-title, .mw-parser-output .infobox-image, .mw-parser-output .infobox-full-data, .mw-parser-output .infobox-below{text-align:center} Twitch informationChannel etikaworldnetwork GenreGaming Desmond Daniel Amofah (May 12, 1990 – c. June 19, 2019), better …

Online piracy

Copyright piracy which occurs online qBittorrent is one of the most widely used torrenting programs due to its free and open-sourced nature. Online piracy or software piracy is the practice of downloading and distributing copyrighted works digitally without permission, such as music or software.[1][2] The principle behind piracy has predated the creation of the Internet, …